My experience taking CS 7637: Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence in Spring 2018


Great professor, by far Dr Goel is one of the most committed professors I’ve seen in OMSCS. He was everywhere. He participated in Piazza big time. And his answers were always very polished. He didn’t mind to write a long post if he needed to make a point. The other professor I remember was so active in Piazza as Dr Goel was Dr Balch from CS 7646: Machine Learning for Trading. Great teachers both of them, they really care about student experience. Too bad Dr Goel said Spring 2018 would be his last time as KBAI instructor.

This course was time consuming, it took around 15-20 hourse per week for me. Mostly because it included some coding projects and long essays. They give you a choice to use Java or Python for project. Obviously most people in Spring 2018 chose Python, because of available libraries related to subject.

It was a tougher course than I expected. Some friend told me it was not difficult course, and in fact it wasn’t. Subject was not exactly hardest from the masters’ program, but the coding was massive. I had to code and recode so many times for things to work, remember it’s an AI class. I learned that making robots act as human means understanding why and how we people do things in the first place, and there is nothing easy about that, we humans are complex beings, to put it nicely.

I didn’t like the subject as much, it was a little boring for me, mainly because I’m not that much into AI as I’m into Machine Learning. Nevertheless it took a big amount of time from my week, and I took it in the same semester I took CSE 6250: Big Data for Healthcare, the most difficult course from the program according to CS6250 took from me 35-40 hours per week, so do the math of how were my days in front of the computer coding. I coded su much in Spring man.

If you take this course, my experience says don’t leave coding projects to do them in the last minute, or you won’t be able to deliver on time. Essays are easier, and they use peer feedback for that, so those weeks were I had only an assignment to work on were a little soft.

I’ve heard they are about to revamp KBAI for Fall 2018, so don’t take anything granted from what I’ve just mentioned.


My experience taking CS 7637: Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence in Spring 2018

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