Why do data scientists need to learn R?

I hated R the first time I saw it. It seemed to me it wasn’t as community supported as python, I struggled to learn the language by myself. But I’m taking my second graduate course that uses R and teacher has taken the time in the schedule to explain R.

In the very beginning I didn’t understand why this language was so important to learn for a data scientist, a language I had barely heard of. But only when I got to use it was when I realized why.

It’s so simple, so elegant, so straightforward. You can do so much with such a few lines of code, sometimes I don’t even miss Python, and that’s a something that I cannot say of most languages.

I haven’t gotten a chance to work with Scala yet, that’s one of my goals for 2018, I hope it’ll be as enjoyable as what Phyton and R have become for me. It’s being a whole journey to become a data scientist, loving every minute of it, and loving to share it with you guys. See ya next time.

Why do data scientists need to learn R?

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