@OMSCS What was it like to take ML + ML4T in spring 2017?

Sorry I haven’t been able to write anything for a while, reading this post you’ll know why.
In a previous post of mine, before starting spring 2017, I told you I was going to take Machine Learning + Machine Learning… God, it was no easy task, let me tell you, long nights in front of the computer for this husband, father and full-time worker. Let me explain it in a little more detail.

CS7646 Machine Learning for Trading (ML4T)


ML4T was manageable, project intensive but doable. I think last 2 projects by the end of the semester were even harder than ML projects (I mean it, really). Teaching python first was a kind thing to do from professor Balch, I really appreciate it. I had had some previous experience with python from Computer Networks course, which I explicitly chose to take first prior a deep dive into python courses.

For ML4T there were a lot of projects, maybe 10, I don’t remember the exact number. I can assure you we were requested to send an assignment response per week or so (leaving a week per every test). Very useful and practical course, I learned a lot. Very thankful. Professor Balch really knows how to transmit his knowledge, a very important art not every teacher is good at.

CS7641 Machine Learning (ML)

Oh my God. This was insane, only 4 projects and 2 quizes, but still very very (I mean it very very) demanding. Way more demanding than ML4T. Tests were hard, sometimes I didn’t know where to begin. We could use any language and professor didn’t care much about code really, but mainly about report and our results. That felt more like real life software development where your boss doesn’ t care much about how you’ll deliver, but when when when haha.

Just as a side note, you can find me through my Linkedin profile and ask me any question related to OMSCS, OMSA or online education in general. Just send me an invitation and I’ll be glad to share my network with you.


Well, in the end I got it guys! I got away with an A for both courses. If you’re taking 2 or more demanding courses the only piece of advice I can give to you is “hang in there and give it everything you’ve got”, don’t drop it. Just keep going forward, there will be many sleepless nights, tough days you’ll want everything to come to an end already so you can get some rest, but eventually you’ll make it! You’ll pass the courses and it will make you feel everything was worth it. Just keep going, and don’t look behind!

If you’re reading this: Thank you professors Balch, Littman and Isbell. I learned a lot from you guys this passed semester.

For this summer I’m taking OMSCS’ Reinforcement Learning and Intro to Data Modeling from edx, and I feel just as stressed out or even more than passed semester, my wife wants to kill me because of having taken 2 courses for summer, by the way haha. But again, I keep telling me it will all be worth it, or at least I hope so.

Thank you all for reading. Bye, see you when I get to have another half an hour “free” or so.

@OMSCS What was it like to take ML + ML4T in spring 2017?

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