Gadgets I’ve learned to be a real boost for online studying

I’ve learned gadgets can really be a boost when studying, specially when having a very demanding graduate program from a University ranked 22 in Computer Science worldwide like OMSCS in front of me.

List of gadgets worthy to use for online program are certainly different from its on-campus counterpart.

Video lectures

An old forgotten projector I barely used makes my life easier when watching video lectures. Otherwise I would have to be sitting in front of a small screen whole day long.

But some remote control is needed in order to change from video to video, replay, go backward and forward, and answer quizzes. The best tool for the task I found to be a wireless keyboard with integrated mouse on it.

Having a baby sleeping while studying means complete silence, that’s where a headset comes in handy.


Mind mapping

A whiteboard is always useful for visual facilitation, making concepts stick in my mind longer, something like mind mapping, it’s always easier to remember a graph than a bunch of text, even easier if you made it yourself.

Getting (too?) comfortable

Spending many hours on a single place watching videos can become uncomfortable. A relax chair can help in that, the challenge is not to get too comfortable though, I’ve felt sleep more than once.

Paper reading

For papers I keep printing them, 4 pages per sheet, 2 in the front and 2 in the back, I get to read them way faster, handy for long papers.

Well, that’s all for now. See you next time.

Gadgets I’ve learned to be a real boost for online studying

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