Spyder Python IDE review (following @Giba1 steps)


I was a PyCharm user for the past semester at #OMSCS, but I wanted to try something a little bit different as PyCharm takes a lot of time to load in my Linux Mint computer. Then, I remembered a 2015 interview to Gilberto Titericz Jr, who was asked the following question:

Q: What is your software setup?

A: My laptop smoothly runs Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, R Studio Server and Spyder Python IDE. Those are the basics, and enough.

The Spyder IDE presents itself as “The Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment”. My findings are shown below:


  1. Pretty much lightweight (Pycharm is way heavier on resources), this is something particularly interesting to me
  2. User friendly, this is really important to me
  3. IPhyton integration (PyCharm also has this)
  4. Function documentation (PyCharm also has this)


  1. No integration to Git found, I read from a developer post somewhere, that there is a little some integration, but not as you would expect from a popular IDE, hopefully things will change in the future

Image 1. Spyder Python IDE Screenshot showing IPython terminal, including some plottingspyder2

Image 2. Function documentation on the right, you just need to press Ctrl+I on the function you want to get information aboutspyder3

Spyder Python IDE review (following @Giba1 steps)

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